The Road to somewhere


Parents yell at teenagers when they do something wrong and then the first thing that goes through a teenager’s mind is, “well stuff you I’m doing it anyway” and then they just make a bigger mess of things. It’s the circle of life… Cruel, but true.

Why not just let teenagers be… Let them have their freedom. Let them enjoy their lives.

Well most of you are agreeing with me right now, but sadly that’s not the way life works.

Parents are supposed to be there to tell you what to do and try to control your life.

I do not agree with it, of course, I think that parents should just put up the warning signs next to the path we take and they have to let us make the decision if we’re going to follow the signs or not. One thing i can’t understand is that parents were teenagers too. They know exactly what it is like to be a rebel, so why don’t they just let it be?

Well the answer is simple… THERE WOULD BE ABSOLUTE CHAOS.

So to all parents out there: Give your teen a chance to life their life the way they want to, but be there for them when they need advice or support.

and to all the teens out there: Give you parents a break, they are just trying to help, because they care.

But don’t stop being a teenager. Rebel, deny, argue, party, live your life. But proceed with caution and keep those signs your parents put up for you, in the back of your mind with every step you take.

And my advice, rather go talk to your parents before you make a decision… They will probably be mad at first, but they will feel proud because you trust them enough to go and talk to them. Have an open relationship with your parents.

Take it from me… I know.

Stop treating teenagers like it’s an illness or a disease, because it’s not!

Teenagers are people too.


Stay strong 🙂



The teenage nightmare…

Forget, Forgive, Begin again

I know what you are thinking right now… “Another teenager talking about her life, boring other people with her problems”

Well not quite…

Like most teenagers I turn to other things I can take my feelings out on… Drugs, Alcohol, Aggression, Self-harm… Yes I’ve been there, I am there, but instead of turning to those things, Ive decided to turn to this. We all recover in our own way…

It’s time that we are heard… That our voices are seen as something important. It’s time that our cry for help is answered!

So if you are out there and you are reading this… Stay with me through this journey and share your thoughts with me. Before you judge me… Get to know me and give me a chance… Who can explain teenagers better than a teenager?

This is my cry for help!

I’m just another teenage nightmare…

Stay Strong


Stay Strong- With pain comes strength. Ask me… I know!